Guide to Bangkok – Phrom Phong

Guide to Bangkok – Phrom Phong

Today we’ll explore what the Phrom Phong area in Bangkok has to offer! Dinosaurs, the prehistoric living creatures that existed on Earth 230 million years ago, have always left a great fascination to people all around the world, both the young and the old.Today, no time machine is needed to experience what it’s like to live with these majestic creatures since Dinosaur Planet was built in Bangkok; a cutting-edge entertainment attraction that brought these dinosaurs back to life, just next to BTS Phrom Phong station. 

But before entering the ancient world, did you know that there’re so many great things to do around the Phrom Phong area? Let’s start our one-day exclusive adventure here!

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9:00am – Catching Fresh Air

What can be better than starting your morning with a walk under the refreshing atmosphere of a wide public park hidden in between Bangkok’s towering skyscrapers? Benjasiri Park (the Queen’s Park) is a great escape from the buzzing city. It includes a circular path, where you can enjoy jogging and walking around for fresh air.

The large pond situated in the park’s center is a cozy home to a variety of friendly creatures. You can either sit around snapping great shots or have a private family picnic. Kids will enjoy themselves in a colorful playground space made clean and safe!

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11.00am – Time for Brunch

Hungry from all the scenery, let’s have our brunch at the EmQuartier, a luxurious shopping center standing tall on both sides of the Phrom Phong BTS itself. Out of so many Thai and International cuisines, my attention is caught by a small sushi bar on the ground floor. The menu is very  tempting so let’s lay our appetite here at Tenyuu Sushi Bar. The restaurant serves premium quality Japanese dishes, mainly sushi and sashimi.

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I woke my taste buds up by the dish that represents a Thai-Japanese blend, Salmon Yum, spicy Salmon salad. The salmon bites served are very fresh, and the sourness of salad dressing is so mouthwatering. Following this appetizer, Golden Cheese Lava is next. 5 sushi rolls are floating on the ocean of hot cheese! No matter what, cheese lovers shouldn’t miss this menu.

1.00pm – A Sweet Afternoon

After the happy brunch, spend some more time around Emquartier’s food zone and let’s hunt for a dessert to get our energies up for the rest of our adventure today! If you’re bored of ordinary ice-cream flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry, Melon Story, a tiny melon soft cream bar on the Ground Floor is ready to serve you its Charcoal Melon Soft Cream or Melon Yogurt Soft Cream, with juicy melon pieces on top. It is just a right dessert choice for you because with each bite you will feel that it’s helping you to escape from the super hot weather outside!

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2:00pm – Meeting Long Lost Giants

After your energy is 100% charged, then a 3-minute walk from EmQuartier will finally lead you to the highlight spot of this trip. Welcome to the Dinosaur Planet! Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth on the day of visit, but I recommend that you book them online first because besides getting a 15% discount from the online booking, you don’t need to waste your time queuing up under Bangkok’s scorching hot sun. Ticket price for adults is 600 THB, 400 THB for children under 140 centimeters height, and free for those under 90 centimeters.

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First, let’s visit the Dinosaur District to get to know more about the history of these creatures! We can learn about different dinosaur species, their evolution, and observe their skeletons with your own eyes! All these are prepared with advanced multimedia technology, so you will be amazed by how real it looks like and feel that you are walking in the real laboratory where new baby dinosaurs are about to meet the world!

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After a Dino Lab tour, you will step outside and meet with your favorite dinosaurs in Stars of Dino. These dinosaurs can move their heads and tails like they’re actually alive so careful with bumping your head! They may come and greet you with a surprise.

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Spending enough time taking photos with your dinosaur friends?  Then it’s time to go up high on Dino Eye! On this giant wheel of 50-meter height, you can see the whole theme park from the skyview. If you take this ride in the late evening, you’ll will love the night view here.

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The ticket (THB 200) for Dino Eye can be bought inside near the entrance. After that is the Raptor X-Treme, an attraction you shouldn’t miss! You are on the mission to escape from Velociraptor robots that are chasing you all around the place. It’s very exciting but you have to be patient since it can take up to 1-2 hours queuing.

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What a regret that another attraction 4D Deep World has not opened yet and will be officially launched on May 1st. Here, you will be taken deep down to the Earth’s surface, and experience breathing-taking scenes that will make you scream!

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I’m sure after all these thrills and excitement you’re hungry for snacks by now. Let’s fill our stomachs with THB 40 Dino Waffle or a cute Dino Donut, specially baked to attract kids’ appetites. If you come here with kids, don’t forget to take them to Dino Farm where they can take a dinosaur ride.

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An extra THB100 ticket is needed for this zone. Before leaving the place, you shouldn’t miss The Great Volcano and The Extinction Live Show, but I recommend you find seats in advance since it’s going to be very crowded when the show is about to start. Dinosaur Warehouse, offering a wide ranges of souvenirs is waiting for you at the exit.
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6:30pm – Restoring Energy with Korean Food

After an exhausting adventure at the Dinosaur planet, let’s head out now to explore more of the Phrom Phong area. Around this area there are lots of massage places, street food, local shops and cafe’s. Take a short walk and you’ll arrive at Soi 49. Further inside, you’ll see the Korean restaurant, Andong Jjimdak.

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The restaurant is very well-known among Koreans living in Bangkok, and it serves authentic Korean dishes, making you feel like you’re having your meal in Myeongdong, South Korea. If you aren’t familiar with Korean food, no worries. The restaurant owner will come right to your table and recommend signature dishes. They offer free WIFI and a parking lot as well.

Andong Jjimdak | foodpanda Magazine

My adventure and hunger cravings are satisfied. Did you enjoy our Phrom Phong adventure today? Keep coming back for more adventures like this as we tour you all around Bangkok’s best places, and don’t forget to share your own experiences in the comments section below!

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