Guide to Bangkok – Lumphini Area

Guide to Bangkok – Lumphini Area

If we’re talking about the different corporate areas of Bangkok filled with buildings both small and high, the Lumphini area always pops up first in my mind. The area, located not very far from Siam, is the land representing the blend between modernization and diverse cultures. The Lumphini area holds so many things you can do within a day’s trip. Let me be your personal guide today!

8:00 AM | Living healthy with a morning exercise

Early risers get the most benefits! Why don’t we get up a bit early today to start our trip? Hop on the MRT and get off at either the Silom or Lumphini station. On the opposite side you’ll see the huge ‘Lumphini Park’, the public park that offers a wide range of recreational activities and provides a natural habitat for wild (but safe) animals.

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You can take a long walk or jog around the park, while seeing little birds flying and tiny squirrels playing around. Maybe you can join a group of healthy elderly enjoying Tai Chi or Chinese Fan Dance, it sure looks fun to me!

Kids can play in the colorful playgrounds and the spacious greenery. It’s a great place for your children to meet new friends. I would also recommend that you bring breakfast and set a picnic around the large pond. It’s the perfect scene for picnics!

10:00 AM | Riding the ducks

Riding the ducks, you said? Before the sun becomes hotter, let’s try another fun activity. See those giant white ducks over there? Those are the duck-shaped paddle boats you can hire for just a very small fee. You can ride it with a friend, your child, or if you’re feeling romantic, with your significant other.

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11:30 AM | Enjoying comfort food for brunch

Time for brunch! On the opposite side of the Lumphini Park is the newly renovated mall, Central Silom Complex. Here you can enjoy both good shopping and dining experiences. If you are looking for a meal which is not too heavy nor too light, then let me invite you to try the pancake and waffle dishes at Little Home on the 4th floor.

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The restaurant serves refined international cuisines but what makes it stand out is their freshly made Little Home homemade pancakes! The most ordered dish here is the Banana Pancakes, popular among all types of customers. You will feel and taste the soft, creamy pancake melt in your mouth with the small banana pieces stuffed inside.

1:00 PM | Get ready for some street shopping

The Central Silom Complex is connected directly to the BTS Sala Daeng Station. Simply walk to here from the BTS and start wandering around the area. This place gets crowded during noon because most office employees like to gather here for lunch and do some quick shopping.

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You can grab some fresh drinks here then you can walk along to the main street. Along both sides are local shops and cafe’s where you can sit and rest. Gazing at the main road, you’ll really see how busy Bangkok city life is!

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3:00 PM | A Hindu temple visit

From the Central Silom Complex, take a taxi or a tuk-tuk to Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. Simply tell the driver that you’re heading to ‘Wat Khaek’ (meaning Indian Temple in Thai), and he’ll take you there in just 5 minutes.

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The temple is a well-known Hindu temple in Bangkok, built in the year 1897. It’s decorated with different colors and carved images of the worshipped Hindu gods and goddesses. If you don’t know about their worship practices, you can ask the friendly staff there.

7:00 PM | Dinner time!

I just start to feel like needing something to fill my stomach with, so let’s head back to the Silom Complex. We’ll stop by at BonChon Chicken, where it’s said that the ‘Best Korean fried chickens in Manhattan are brought to Bangkok’! The restaurant was voted as ‘The Best Wings in New York’ for its tasty and crispy fried chicken innovation.

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I’m ordering French Fries served with their house special spicy mayo as my appetizer, followed by the BonChon Fried Chicken Breasts covered with soy-garlic sauce. This combination is my all-time favorite, you should try it too!

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8:00 PM | Chocolate cakes, anyone?

You can take either BTS or MRT back home. If you’re taking the MRT, don’t forget to stop by the Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel because their bakery is really good! My favorite here is the Chocolate Lavender Cake. It’s very soft in texture and the strong taste of chocolate is very satisfying. You can either eat one here or take it for home!

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Hope you enjoyed our humble Lumphini trip today! Tell us if you’ve been here, and if you have any tips for us and other Bangkok explorers to try, we’d love to hear it!



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Article Written By Team foodpanda

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