Guide to Bangkok – Plearnary Mall Edition

Guide to Bangkok – Plearnary Mall Edition

Getting a bit bored of being caught in traffic while hanging out in town on the weekend? Let’s get away from the hustle and bustle and drop by at the brand new lifestyle mall that comes with theme park-like atmosphere. Welcome to one of Watcharapol’s most unique attractions, ‘Plearnary Mall’

Opened in October 2014 with its remarkable concept and ‘bear’ as the symbol representing love, warmth and liveliness, Plearnary Mall has become a popular spot for locals and tourists of all ages. It’s located just next to Tanommit Market, in Soi Watcharapol where transportation is easily accessible.

From the very first step getting into this place until the last, you will feel that you’re actually walking around the world of fantasy existing here in Bangkok!

9:00 A.M. | Start your day at Bellinee’s

Boost your morning energy with a cup of drink and freshly baked bread from the oven at Bellinee’s Bake & Brew, a classically furnished tiny café in earth tone decors. They offer a variety of drinks including Premium Blends, either in CALDO (hot) or FREDDO (iced), Classic Blends, with hot, iced, and even twist, Coffee-Free drink, and also Smoothies. You may want to sweeten up your breakfast with cakes and rolls of your choice or just a simple butter croissant will do.

11:00 A.M. | Meet the bears

In every corner of this lifestyle mall, you’ll get to meet with 80 different bear characters in their distinguished costumes and super cute postures. Start with the 12 ZODIACS BEAR welcoming you at the entrance.

Find your zodiac, and then it’s time to snap! 1! 2! 3! Smile! You can also enjoy your time at a huge ‘Plearnary Courtyard’ where the signature Mr. Plearn Bear is livelily standing in the center waiting for you to say hi to him! Hug him if you’d like but make sure you’re tall enough to reach his height of 8 meters.

1:00 P.M. | Lunch at Hong Kong Suki

Once you’re done with fabulous photo time, Hong Kong SUKI on the first floor is your next station! With its cutting-edge concept ‘deliciousness of authentic Hong Kong-style foods’, this Chinese restaurant serves an authentic Hong Kong-style Hot Pot which you can rarely find in Bangkok.

Its outstanding offers are the three palatable choices of soup, Szechuan Soup, Chinese Herbal Soup and Preserved Egg with Chinese Parsley Soup. Roasted ducks twinned with barbeque and roasted pork along with over 50 a la carte selections are inviting you to try them!

2:30 P.M. | Take an afternoon break

After a big meal, it’s time to walk around the mall checking out what you shouldn’t miss. Get on the second floor, and you will catch sight of an indoor amusement park. But how can an amusement park be in a shopping mall? Well, Plearnary Mall has made it happen under the name of ‘Plearn Land’!

Leave your children hanging out with their new friends there and let’s continue your journey. Need to do some money business? Then walk straight to Plearn Cash zone. Want to grab some trendy clothes? Turn right to Plearn Fashion. If looking for things for IT use, then choose Plearn Gadget zone. Plearnary Mall can treat you with all you need!

4:00 P.M. | Tea time at White Day Patisserie

Down to the first floor again and search for White Day Patisserie, a Japanese style café, with free Wi-Fi and super nice service. The menu that you should and must order is the Japanese Melon Short Cake served on a vintage wooden plate. Melon cream is so soft that it melts in your mouth together with fluffy cake, followed by juicy bites of melon.

6:00 P.M. | Thrift-shop at Tokutokuya

Before going back home, stop by at TOKUTOKUYA, a store from Japan where all things you need are available here at 60 baht! Want some easy home decorations? You’ve come to the right place!

7:00 P.M. | Indulge at Plearn Food Court

As you make your way to the parking lot, you may want to stop for 5 minutes to take some food and snacks at ‘Plearn Food’ home. The food court is filled with food stores of all kinds, from Thai traditional to international dishes. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner here!

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