Panda Peeks – รีวิวร้านอาหาร “บ้านหญิง” Baan Ying Café Bangkok

Panda Peeks – รีวิวร้านอาหาร “บ้านหญิง” Baan Ying Café Bangkok

If you’re looking for a restaurant where not only can you enjoy a variety of refined Thai fusion dishes, but can also sit there chitchatting with buddies like you’re in a modern café, then Baan Ying Café & Meal, is, without doubt, your perfect choice! Behind the success of Baan Ying Café & Meal stands Songsorn John Junsunchai, the owner’s son, an UK young graduate who has been in love with cooking.

He has come up with different brilliant recipes, making his restaurant shine out in the heart of Bangkok. The restaurant atmosphere is modern yet it’s also highly furnished with a touch of home-style cooking, topped with an abounding list of both main meals and desserts, ready to be served right in front of you in just few minutes!

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As soon as you step into the restaurant, you’ll see that almost every table is served with Khao Khai Khon (omelet rice), one of Baan Ying regulars. You can choose your favorite toppings to be loaded in your fluffy golden omelet!

Chewy cheese? Creamy white sauce? Create your own dish with a reasonable price of 55 baht plus additional toppings of 15-30 baht each. Don’t forget to have your dish slightly spiced up by a bit of ketchup, maggi, or pepper. Before ordering another dish, boost your appetite with Gak Mhoo Tod Nam Pla, fried pork cracklings that you can’t stop eating once your mouth gets them!

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Another recommended menu, especially for salad-lovers, is the tempting Spicy Deep-Fried Chicken Salad. Sizzling battered chicken served with mini red tomatoes and fresh green lettuce, are covered by Baan Ying’s hard-to-resist creamy spicy-sweet-sour dressing that makes each bite so addictive! But if salad is not enough to fulfill your appetize, why not going for a dish of rice?

Khao Rad Mhoo Pad Nahm Liap black olive fried with minced pork teamed up with hot rice, is also a must. It may taste a bit salty in the first try, but as you continue, I guarantee that nothing will be left on your plate at the end!

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For sweet tooth, your wait is over! Finish your meal with Baan Ying’s signature Strawberry Tart, with the heart-shaped juicy red strawberries layered on top of the buttery tart. The sourness of strawberries matches perfectly with sweet syrup, and its size is just right for one diner.

Following the tart, chocolate-lovers should try this 95-baht multilayer Brownie Fudge, filled with green tea cream in the bottom. The chocolate taste is rather sweet than bitter, so if you like a strong and deep chocolate flavor, this menu may not hit your heart that much, and you should pick the Black and White Chocolate Cake or the pure Brownie instead.

Before leaving the restaurant, choose Thai dessert, Mango Sticky Rice as your last order. Fresh mango comes with sweet creamy coconut milk, making it one of the most lovable menu among tourists.

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Baan Ying Café & Meal used to be located behind Siam Theater, but unfortunately it was burnt down in the 2010 protests. Later the restaurant has reopened again in two Siam Square locations, one in SiamKit Building and another at Siam Center. Other branches include Terminal 21, Silom Complex, The Promenade, and Mega Bangna.

Enjoy your dining experience at Baan Ying Café & Meal!


Address:4/F, Center,,Rama I Rd,Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan,Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330

Opening hours: Mo-Su, 10am – 20.30pm

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