Panda Peeks – Dressed Bangkok

Panda Peeks – Dressed Bangkok

Health conscious people nowadays have more nutritious meal choices since many restaurants have come up with a variety of healthy dishes on their menu. Let me introduce to you one of the most-loved restaurants offering healthy food in Bangkok with its unique name, Dressed.

Dressed Bangkok’s strongest menu is a wide selection of scrumptous salads. This salad bar concept has been brought to Thailand by Sid Sehgal, the publisher of Look East in partnership with his high school friend Anchit Sachdev. It is a chain initiatively created in Atlanta by Chef Justin Smoley who passionately wants his restaurant to give his customers more than they even expect. He has worked in several America’s greatest restaurants, including the French Laundry by Thomas Keller in California and Daniel by Daniel Boloud in New York City before, so with his well-refined experiences topped up by his deep passion, Dressed has finally been launched.

Made with premium quality ingredients, he wants to make each of his customers feel like “This is just the best salad I’ve ever had!” and if asked what best defines his restaurant, “everything made fresh in house” is undoubtedly the perfect answer.

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Dressed was first introduced to Asia in Hong Kong and that’s when Sid decided to fly there and meet with Chris Rork who brought the brand in. The restaurant’s concept and the taste of salad dressings won his heart entirely so he bought the master franchise for Thailand, with the first branch opening on the ground floor of Mercuryville on Langsuan on 19th September 2013, followed by the second one at Siam Paragon in November of the same year, and the third branch in the Empire Tower in March 2014.

Menu choices range from quick meals like salads, sandwiches and bread to DIY dishes. How do you order? You can either choose from their available items on the menu or creatively select your preferred pasta, salad or wrap using a multiple choice form. For pasta lovers, the first step requires you to choose whether you would like to go for a small or a large portion. Then, you can pick between penne or farfalle pasta. The next step is to decide which of the five sauces you’d like to have.

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For those who love the basic, tomato sauce or light cream will work well, but if you can’t decide between the two, you can have them mixed. Otherwise, try the pesto or olive oil. Before your order is ready, don’t forget to add some additional toppings like cheeses, proteins, and nuts with fruits if you fancy. When ordering salads, the first step is exactly the same to begin with, you choose the size. Then select your choice of greens either iceberg, romaine or mixed oak. If you like baby spinach or rocket, pay 25 THB and you’ll get plenty. Lastly, choose the dressings and top up your dish with the toppings you love.

If you’re in a hurry, you can opt to choose from Dressed’s ready menu. For breakfast, I would recommend these four: the Breakfast Burrito, a wrap filled with scrambled egg, salsa, mixed oak, ham and tortilla, Tuna Salad Bagel, a plain bagel filled with Mediterranean tuna salad, and cream cheese, Salmon and Egg Bagel, smoked salmon, scrambled egg, and rosemary mayonnaise loaded in a plain bagel and Ham, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, multigrain bread with ham, boiled egg, Swiss cheese, mixed oak, and tomato basil mayonnaise. These are perfect starters to satisfy you while making sure you’re not too full to start your day.

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Dressed also offers a variety of sandwiches selection. Carolina BBQ Panini, BLT with Avocado and Fried Egg, Curry Easter, and Egg and Swiss Sandwich are all highly recommended. As for salad, one of the most popular dishes here is the signature and mouthwatering California Salad, the mixture of iceberg, grilled chicken, egg white, cherry tomato, almond, and vinaigrette.

When all the ingredients are well mixed together, with a special salad dressing poured all over the bowl, you won’t be able to stop eating, it’s delicious. If you love salmon, you may want to try Smoked Salmon Salad as well.

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Finish your meal with desserts like healthy Carrot Cake or Strawberry Crepe Rolls. The must-try sweet is the soft Austrian Linzer Cake, with almonds, cloves, cinnamon, and raspberry. For drinks, both the basics such as Iced Lemon Tea and Orange Juice and special beverages like Peanut Butter and Jelly smoothies, Tropical Breeze and Gingered Pear are available. Protein Shakes are also ready to serve and my favorite one is the Vanilla Strawberry Protein Shake which is sour, sweet and so refreshing!

Are you ready to get Dressed now? Drop by and enjoy these healthy, nutritious dishes.

Dressed Salad Bar

Address: Ground Floor, The Mercury Ville Chidlom, Langsuan Intersection, Sky Walk Access from Chidlom BTS, Bangkok, 12000

Opening hours: Mo-Su, 10am – 21.00pm

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