Panda Peeks – Rosemary by Madame Tuang

Panda Peeks – Rosemary by Madame Tuang

A Day with Madame Tuang

Greeted with the bright and clean interior of the Rosemary by Madame Tuang restaurant, I wandered around in awe. Every design detail was well thought of, and the modern-minimalist style perfectly complimented each piece of furniture and decor. The atmosphere was very welcoming, I immediately felt comfortable as I sat down at my table.

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

Madame Tuang, a renowned celebrity TV chef, food blogger and culinary teacher, has decided to venture into the restaurant business pursuing her passion and love for cooking. She dreamt of Rosemary by Madame Tuang to be a place of comfort where people gather together and share delicious, gourmet comfort food.

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

Her menu is intricately curated, taking inspirations from her European culinary experiences, specifically from her years of stay in France. She trained with Nathalie Arbefeiulle, a renowned chef, and with Anne-Sophie Pic, a 3-Michelin star chef in France.

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

I got excited when I was briefly served their Mixed Green Salad. This salad may look like a simple salad, but there’s a lot to its taste than you can see. The organic vegetables are imported all the way from Australia, and the sweet cherry tomatoes were exclusively supplied here by a vegetable farm in Chiang Mai. It was drizzled with honey-lemon dressing, which complimented the taste of the fresh salad well.

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

Soon I was served their Spaghetti Thai Anchovy, which tasted really flavourful. I must admit, the first bite made me addicted! It was bursting with the right levels of spiciness, sweetness and saltiness from the salted mackerel added into it.

Pieces of 1-hour slow-roasted tomatoes were added to complement the flavors. I can easily say that this is the best Thai Spaghetti I’ve had in Bangkok so far!

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

The next one I tried was their Roasted Rosemary Chicken, which was served with vegetables grilled on their lava stove with olive oil, potato wedges and the truffle-tasting chicken sauce.

The chicken was perfectly done, nothing overly cooked, and the retained moisture of the chicken meat is definitely a plus.

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

Topping it off, I saw these unique-looking black balls being displayed by the counter. I found out they were called Black Magic. I decided to give them a try, and I wasn’t disappointed at all!

Every bite surprised me with the oozing three-cheese filling from the squid ink bread, and was well-balanced by the honey dip.

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

I got the chance to have a brief moment to talk to Madame Tuang. Since I enjoy learning about the stories behind the people who curate such palatable dishes, it made me appreciate and understand her dishes more. She was very friendly and nice, so I went on to ask her a few questions.

Rosemary by Madame Tuang | foodpanda Magazine

How did you start planning on setting up a restaurant?

Actually I wrote 4 cookbooks previously, and one book where I listed down the top 100 restaurants in Bangkok. One day, I got invited to guest on a TV show, until eventually I decide to start my own cooking show which has been running for 3 years already now. I figured to share my love for cooking not only to my TV viewers, but to anyone who can visit and taste my food themselves in my restaurant.

What is Rosemary by Madame Tuang’s restaurant specialty?

Well, in conclusion, it’s all about the authentic taste of homemade cooking. Every dish here is my favorite.

How do you take care of the quality control in every dish?

It all starts with a good supplier. I select and taste every single raw ingredient myself. All ingredients I select are of top quality, and most are imported. Everytime, I do quality checks on the dishes being cooked.

Watch the full interview with Madame Tuang here!

So I guess the only way to judge her food is by trying it yourselves! I know I loved everything that they served me, how about you? Which one was your favorite?

Rosemary by Madame Tuang

Address: 231 The Taste, สุขุมวิท แขวง คลองตันเหนือ เขต วัฒนา กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110, Thailand
Opening Hours: Mo – Su, 11am – 22.00pm
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