Panda Peeks – Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Bangkok

Panda Peeks – Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Bangkok

Yes, this could be your typical surf shack, only that it’s in the busy Bangkok urban jungle. Claimed as the Number 1 burger joint from Hawaii that uses 100% Angus Chuck Roll beef for their patty and uses potatoes for their burger buns, that’s quite something, don’t you think?

Restaurant of the Week | Teddy's Bigger Burgers Restaurant

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers boasts of their premium ingredients to make “honest”, juicy, and meaty burgers. Their burgers are so oozing with sauces and beef juice, they have to serve it enclosed in a coated paper. I think the problem here is not how to stop the sauce dripping on my pants, but how I can possibly fit this giant of a burger in my mouth.

Restaurant of the Week | Teddy's Bigger Burgers Bangkok

Their burgers are everything you hope for – tasty, tender, juicy, and not overly seasoned. The patty is complemented by a perfect grilling technique that never makes the patties dry. And the best thing about this? You can choose to channel your inner chef and play around your burger by choosing your own toppings and sauces, and choosing your patty doneness. I choose mine well-done, and it came out just perfect.

Restaurant of the Week | Teddy's Burgers Restaurant

Now, I’ve mentioned that the buns are uniquely made from potatoes. There’s a love-hate relationship here with how the buns complement the patties and the sauces. Some like it, some are so-so with it, and some even say that it reminds them of donuts. Personally, I like it, however the extra taste from the buns were I thought unnecessary, the patties are already flavorful.

You can choose from their signature burgers, signature burger combos or their burgers with fish or chicken patties. You can opt for their Teddy’s Original Burger, which is made of 5oz of Angus beef or pork patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and special sauce, or if you’re extra hungry, try their Monster Double Burger, which is twice of everything a Teddy’s Original Burger is!

If you’re extra adventurous, how about their mouthwatering Bacado Burger? What’s a Bacado, you ask? It’s bacon and avocado! Now that is my kind of burger! Try it for yourself and let us know how you best enjoyed your Teddy’s burger!


Address: 976/10 Sukhumvit Rd, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Opening hours: Mo – Su, 10.30am – 21.00pm

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