The Perfect Match – Pairing Chicken with Tzatziki Sauce

The Perfect Match – Pairing Chicken with Tzatziki Sauce

Olive Greek Mediterranean Cuisine

Bangkok is known for being one of the biggest food destinations in Asia, not only for its contemporary and traditional Thai restaurants, but also for international ones like Mediterranean. Just wander a little bit around the city, and you’ll easily come across something good!

Olive Greek Mediterranean Cuisine | foodpanda Magazine

The foodpanda team will take you to try a classic favorite at OLIVE Greek Mediterranean Cuisine, a restaurant at Ekkamai Soi 12, serving flavoursome homemade Greek food cooked with the freshest ingredients.

Olive Greek Mediterranean Cuisine | foodpanda Magazine

OLIVE Greek Mediterranean Cuisine’s restaurant interior is decorated in a white-blue tone with a homey atmosphere. You can choose your seat either in the green garden near the entrance or the main dining hall inside. Looking through their tempting menu, you’ll see that it’s filled with rare treats of Greek food and other healthy Mediterranean dishes.

One of the top recommended menu options here is the Greek Traditional Chicken Souvlaki on mini skewers served with a sauce choice of Tzatziki or Tomato Salsa, and with a side order choice of salad, seasoned fries or homemade Greek fries!

Olive Greek Mediterranean Cuisine | foodpanda Magazine

It was hard to choose only one sauce out of the two since I wanted to try both. I decided to go with the Tzatziki sauce and then I ordered a separate dip platter so that I could sample the tomato salsa too. As for the side dish, I picked fries because I’d already ordered a bowl of Caesar Salad to start my appetite.

Olive Greek Mediterranean Cuisine | foodpanda Magazine

This all looks so good! I ate the Chicken Souvlaki without any dip first to get a real taste of how they make their grilled chicken. It was very moist and the flavors of garlic mixed with olive oil stood out. The chicken pieces were soft, perfectly grilled, and the size was just right to be handled within a single bite.

I then started with the Tzatziki Yogurt and Cucumber Dip and it tasted really good together! The slightly sour taste covered the whole chicken, and perfectly complemented it.

Olive Greek Mediterranean Cuisine | foodpanda Magazine

For the next bite, I tried the Tomato Salsa dip. It was also sour but with a completely different taste. The sourness of this dip was purely from the chopped fresh tomatoes, slightly seasoned. The taste was strong and I loved it because when it coated the chicken, it was absorbed well and was also a good complement.

After only few minutes, my plates were clear and empty. My Greek-mediterranean meal was worth it! Wanna have a try of this combination at Olive Greek Mediterranean Cuisine? Drop by and see for yourself if you like Greek food as much as I did!

Olive Greek Mediterranean Cuisine Bangkok

Address: 37/1 Soi 12 Ekkamai, Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok, 10110
Operating Hours: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm

Click here to order online.

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