The Perfect Match – Pairing Steaks with Watermelons

The Perfect Match – Pairing Steaks with Watermelons

Eating pieces of fruit like watermelons is what we often do after finishing a heavy meal, but what about eating it together with your main dish like juicy steaks? Some of you may have tried, but those who haven’t may not believe at first that watermelon really goes well with grilled, flavorful steaks.

Here at The Black Swan, the feta cheese and watermelon salad pairs up well with a hot dish from the griddle, the prime import tenderloin fillet steak, creating such a perfect combination, you’ll surely want to try once during your visit to this cozy pub.

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Stationed in Sukhumvit soi 19, The Black Swan, a British pub, is a cozy home to a variety of English cuisines and booze. It boasts cozy wooden furniture placed under dim lights, bringing your stress levels down after a long, tiring day. I’m here with my foodpanda team to try the perfect match between the two recommended dishes that I’ve never thought would go so well together!

The Black Swan offers various types of salad but we’ll go with something special, the feta cheese and watermelon salad. Cubes of feta cheese are served on a bed of fresh crispy salad and watermelon with olives. The tangy taste of feta cheese surprisingly gets on well with juicy watermelon pieces, plus olives and fresh greens, giving it a balanced taste.

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Before taking another bite, couple this dish with the prime import tenderloin fillet steak, cooked to your liking. The savory steak comes in high quality, with a little juicy pink center. The gravy that goes with it is very delicious, however it’s best eaten on its own when paired with the watermelon salad.

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I’d have to say that these two dishes paired together are indeed a meat-lover’s dream come true! I eat this combination by picking a slice of watermelon from the salad bowl and placing it on my sliced steak. Then, I add one or few feta cheese cubes to top it up before gobbling the whole thing.

You won’t understand how merrily they blend together in my mouth and how all the juices come flowing out from both the steak and the watermelon after the first bite. After trying this combination, these matched dishes can easily become your favorite!


Address: Sukhumvit Soi 19, Sukhumvit Road, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Opening hours: 07:00am – 11:00pm

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