The Perfect Match – Holy Shrimp

The Perfect Match – Holy Shrimp

Seafood lovers, rejoice! What many have only spoken about before has now become the latest Bangkok seafood craze.

Holy Shrimp | foodpanda Magazine

I was wandering around the Ratchada Train Market and I came across a vibrant-colored shack with the huge sign saying: ‘HOLY SHRIMP’. It has occurred to me that all the Louisiana-style seafood dishes served here are so abundant that real seafood lovers can drown in here!

Holy Shrimp’s house specialty is what they call the ‘Seafood Bucket’, where its flavorful sauce has easily made its way to popularity. From shrimps, New Zealand muscles, scallops, clams to baby octopuses, you can choose what to fill your Seafood Bucket with. If you love all of these seafoods combined, then order their grand ‘Holy Shrimp Catch’ which includes all your seafood favorites plus potatoes and chunks of corn cobs. If you love corn, order an extra corn on the cob for that additional sweet kick.

Holy Shrimp | foodpanda Magazine

Five different sauces are offered but I highly recommend that you try the ‘Holy Moly Signature Sauce’, which is the most-ordered of all the options. Afterwards you can pick the spice level you’re comfortable with. It ranges from non-spicy, mild, medium, fire, and if you’re a daredevil, try Holy Moly, which is their spiciest.

The next thing is the most mouth-watering. Watching them slowly pour all the seafood sauce on my table from the big seafood bucket made my stomach grumble loudly. I’m reminded of how hungry I am!

Now it’s time to put on the plastic gloves and aprons! We know we want to gobble this all up but we don’t want the red sauce all over our clothes, do we?

Holy Shrimp | foodpanda Magazine

Along with the whole bucket of the Holy Shrimp Catch, I recommend that you order extra garlic bread as well. I’ll show you numerous ways on how this simple addition can turn your seafood feast into a better one.

Holy Shrimp | foodpanda Magazine

First is the simple turning of the seafood sauce into a bread dip. If that is too plain for you, you can place a peeled jumbo shrimp on a garlic bread slice, top it with corn bits, and pour the sauce on top. It will make it taste like eating a mini seafood pizza. Or if you want to make it the taste of the bread more dominant, you can make it like a sandwich. Simply pick two garlic bread slices, and put a few pieces of clams in the middle, topped with the sauce.

It’s a good alternative to rice if you’re used to eating rice with your meals.

Stop by at the Holy Shrimp this week and bring your friends! This place is best shared with company. Don’t forget to snap photos and share with us!

Image credits: Homemade Garlic Bread by Wee Kiat Chin

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