Top of the Town – Best Korean Chicken

Top of the Town – Best Korean Chicken

The Hunt for Korean Chicken in Bangkok

Who would deny that Korean fried chicken is one of the most simple yet delicious dish loved by people all over the world? Deep-fried floured or battered chicken pieces covered with Korean-style sauce, served with yummy side dishes or a hot bowl of rice can satisfy your appetite. The foodpanda team has explored all corners of Bangkok to seek out the restaurants serving best Korean fried chickens. And here are our top 4 on the list!

Korean Chicken # 1 | Kiani

Kiani, a Korean restaurant located at Fifty Fifth Tower, Thonglor Soi 2 was my first stop on the best Korean chicken hunt. The restaurant looked rather cozy with only 10 tables available inside. Recommended by the friendly staff, Kiani’s Soy Garlic Chicken was soon served in front of me. These chicken pieces looked so tempting that my mouth started watering even before trying one of them.

The taste of the soy garlic sauce was very rich and the fried chicken absorbed it well, giving this dish such a dominant flavor. The secret is that Kiani’s sauce is made from apples, adding a touch of sweetness into it. Some may say that the Kiani’s Soy Garlic Chicken is too salty but for me the taste is just right, especially when eaten along with chunky potato wedges or plain rice.

Best Korean Chicken Bangkok | foodpanda Magazine

Korean Chicken #2 | Umma Dosirak

Next, I arrived at Sukhumvit 31 and got seated at Umma Dosirak, an authentic Korean restaurant. As its name already suggests, the dishes served here are carefully cooked just like when an Umma, meaning ‘mother’, cooks for her dear family.

I ordered fried chicken and was surprised that the size of chicken pieces was enormous! I knew at that moment that I would be very full after finishing them all. The taste also surprised me because at first I thought this Umma Dosirak’s chicken dish looked very simple, but after a few bites, I realized that being simple made it extraordinary. They were very soft, juicy, and not too salty nor bland. Also, the outside were crispy but not oily.

Best Korean Chicken Bangkok | foodpanda Magazine

Korean Chicken #3 | BonChon Chicken

Still in the hunt for some more Korean fried chicken, I made another stop at Terminal 21, and tried BonChon’s Soy Garlic Chicken Wings, the restaurant’s most popular menu item. And of course, this one is a Korean chicken fastfood staple and it never disappoints!

What I found outstanding about BonChon chicken is that their special sauce is rich and tasty and the distinct taste is hard to replicate. I can say that with the BonChon’s sauce, eating the chicken skin can become a real addiction. The wings were thick, juicy and cooked with perfect deep-frying temperatures. On top of that, the crispiness remained throughout the whole meal. Personally, I love this BonChon chicken best when eaten with sticky rice!

Best Korean Chicken Bangkok | foodpanda Magazine

Korean Chicken #4 | Ma Shi Tang

I spared some space in my stomach for my last destination at Ma Shi Tang, Union Mall. They offer a variety of original Korean dishes and I tried their fried chicken with Korean sauce. The dish was nicely plated, and gave a real Korean feel. I fell in love with Ma Shi Tang’s fried chicken as soon as I tried the coating! They were soaked with Korean sauce, which was moderately salty. The chicken pieces were tender, and the smell of their authentic Korean sauce was dominant. Besides, the amount of chicken pieces served is enough for those with a huge appetite, including me.

Best Korean Chicken Bangkok | foodpanda Magazine

Can any of you guess which Korean chicken became my personal favorite? No doubt, my choice goes to BonChon Chicken. The distinct taste has been, and still is, my all-time favorite. The soy garlic sauce was superb and I can’t deny that I have started to get addicted to it.

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