Top of the Town – Best Burger in Bangkok

Top of the Town – Best Burger in Bangkok

When thinking about fast food that best satisfies your taste buds, I bet that a picture of a thick sliced bun loaded with grilled meat and rich ketchup will definitely pop up in your head. Burgers are loved by people all around the world as it’s served fast and it’s hard for you to say no once falling into the first bite.

Though finding a burger store in Bangkok is like a piece of cake, finding the best ones is a bit more challenging. While writing this, I grabbed my bag, and was about to start my journey to hunt burgers. Where is Bangkok’s best burger hidden?


Bangkok Burger | foodpanda Magazine

I got off at BTS Saladang station and took a 10-minute afternoon walk to our first must-visit burger store, ‘Bangkok Burger’. Looking through the menu, I decided to go for the ‘The Big Boss’, labelled under Signature BBC BURGERS. A small picture of the Thai flag put in front of burger’s name signified that it’s the signature dish for Thailand’s branch. The Big Boss’s size suited its name perfectly.

It was so big that you can’t put it in your mouth without cutting it small. Filled with grilled bacon, white cheddar, giant onion ring, garlic mayo plus the house BBQ sauce, this dish was so toothsome! The taste of the sauce was the high-quality meat’s perfect match, and the veggies were super fresh. This Big Boss burger tower from Bangkok Burger could make you full all day long!

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Firehouse Pub | foodpanda Magazine
Whilst wandering around Sukhumvit area I dropped by at the cozy Firehouse in soi 11 where signature Firehouse Pub & Restaurant’s burgers were ready to be friends with my appetite! I ordered a Premium Burger, one of the most popular dishes here, and I have to say that the size itself was already premium enough to satisfy a big hunger.
180 g. of Fresh Ground Pon Yang Kham Organic Thai-French Beef was served with Crisp Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Red Onion and Mayo in between the fresh Kaiser bun softly baked specially for this Firehouse.
The sizzling patty was of high-quality, with not much seasonings so some might find it bland, but for those who loved the real beefy taste, you would love it! The moderate sweetness of the Firehouse’s bun went along very well with other toppings stuffed inside. I suggest adding ketchup on top, and your Firehouse’s premium burger would taste just perfect!
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Teddy's Burger | foodpanda Magazine
Our burger adventure isn’t done yet. Next, I moved to Gateway Ekamai, just next to BTS Ekamai station, and stopped at ‘Teddy’s Burger’. I decided to enjoy the basic so Teddy’s Original Burger became my choice. What made this menu stand out was the 100% pure beef, just slightly seasoned, so you can feel the real taste of patties! The burger was charbroiled to order and also jammed with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, cheese and the Teddy’s Burger own creation of special sauce which came in orange-yellow and tasted a bit sour.
If you still have some spared space in your stomach, then I suggest that you add additional appetizing toppings that Teddy’s has well- prepared like eggs and mushrooms or order some fries like chicken tenders and onion rings. Teddy’s Original Burger is original yet special!
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MOS Restaurant | foodpanda Magazine
Before getting stuffed to bursting, let’s cap off our burger hunt in Sukhumvit at MOS Burger in Central World. Still being eager for cheese, I ordered a Mos Cheeseburger. It was a combination of salty and sweet flavor of Mos bun as well as its soft and extra smooth texture which set this burger apart from others. It’s packed with beef patty, cheese, onion, tomato, topped with meat sauce, mustard, and mayonnaise on the inside.
Mos Burger’s patty was not very dry but rather juicy. Its sauce tasted differently from other burgers I’ve tried as I could sense an Asian taste in it, unlike pure American ketchup. The cheese added an awesome taste to the whole burger but it was not very dense so for extreme cheese lovers, you might want an extra piece!
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Rock Burger Restaurant | foodpanda Magazine
On to the next, and the last one. I gladly had the opportunity to have a break from eating all these massive, juicy burgers whilst traveling my way to Lat Phrao. Something might be wrong with me, because I know I’m feeling full, but when I saw this next one I immediately felt hungry again. Let’s have a look at this tasty and juicy ‘Simple Plan’ Rock Burger.
It may be named Simple Plan, but I tell you, there’s nothing simple about the taste of this burger. The juicy meat of this gourmet burger perfectly complements their sweet-sour and creamy sauce and fresh veggies. To make sure you leave the restaurant full and satisfied, they include a side dish of thick french fries. There’s nothing else needed to be put in this burger to make the taste as compelling as this. And the best part about this gourmet burger? You get it for only THB 109!
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The verdict: The burger hunt around Bangkok officially ends here. I can say Teddy’s Burger is a personal favorite on my list since the patty was so tasty and that every bite went worth it. The sour sauce that melted in my mouth with the creamy yellow cheese really woke my appetite up.

What about you? Which one is your favorite? The big size Mr. Big Boss from Bangkok Burger? The special treat of a Premium Burger from Firehouse Pub & Restaurant? The Simple Plan burger from Rock Burger? Do you enjoy Teddy’s Original Burger best like me? Or do you wanna take a grip of a classic Asian taste of Mos Burger?

Explore these 5 burger joints and tell us in the comment section which one your favorite is!

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  1. Scooter

    This is obviously just a punt to promote restaurants with food panda and not a REAL unbiased review of the best Burgers in Bangkok. The reviewers selection is seriously frustrating but each to their own opinion I guess. Better to just read the comments from real people at the bottom. For me, best burger in town by a country mile is Papa’s Kitchen, Phattanakarn Soi 30, bit of trek out of town for me but well worth the effort. The Spicy Devil, Blue’s Brother and I think it’s called the Full Monty or Big Pappa or something like that, the one with pulled pork as well. OMG to die for.

  2. Larry

    I love the burgers at 25 degrees, especially the ground sirloin. Another favorite is the newly opened Beef and Shake, the double beef cheese and bacon burger is amazing. I liked the taste of Bangkok Burger, but the larger size was still pretty small, it was stacked high and hard to eat, but was not very big around.

  3. Simon Roberts

    For my money, the best burger in Bangkok – maybe even the world, is the wagyu burger at Clandestino Cantina. Order it cooked medium – the meat will be so flavourful

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