Top of the Town – 4 creamy and delicious Pastas you have to try

Top of the Town – 4 creamy and delicious Pastas you have to try

Let’s do Italian today. Join us in search of the best pasta in Bangkok! With a ton of sauce choices and toppings, pasta has so long been many food-lovers’ favorite dish. Here, in Bangkok, there are so many restaurants, both authentic Italian and fusion ones, that serve great and superb pasta menu.

foodpanda has selected four pasta dishes from four restaurants and we welcome you to become the judge! Where’s the best pasta in Bangkok? Let the hunt begin!

1 | L’Opera

An Italian restaurant in Soi Sukhumvit 39, L’ Opera was the first destination on the list! They serve refined Italian cuisines. I spent quite a lot of time going through pasta choices and deciding what to try. Recommended by the friendly staff, I picked spaghetti alla vongole, Italians’ basic yet popular dish.

The white wine sauce tasted so soft, and it adhered well to the clams and pasta, so the taste was great, not only at the bottom of the dish where the sauce lied, but in every bite I made. I think that those who prefer the foods with strong tastes may find this dish too bland.

Anyway, I recommend you to try L’ Opera’s Spaghetti alla Vongole once and its simple yet elevated flavor may change your opinion!

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2 | Basilico

I made my second stop not very far from the first one. It was another Italian restaurant known as Basilico in Sukhumvit Soi 20. This time, I decided to try something creamy so I ordered my all-time favorite pasta dish, Alla Carbonara.


Egg, bacon, cream are the basic ingredients for every Carbonara dish, and since I’ve tried lots of Carbonara, I could guess its taste even before I made the order. However, it turned out that I was just partly right. The overall taste of this Alla Carbonara was no joke! It was really distinguished.

The pasta noodles were not too soft nor too hard; they were just perfectly cooked. The fried bacon were salty and crispy, and cheese was put on the top to increase the taste. The secret behind this dish is the creamy Carbonara sauce.

Most of the time when I ordered Carbonara dish, I felt that it was too greasy for me, but I didn’t feel this way when finishing Basilico’s pasta dish. The cream sauce was rich but not too heavy, and melted so smoothly in my mouth. If you add some cracked black pepper on top, you’d love it even more!

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3 | Pizza Mania

After finishing with these two dishes, my appetite still asked for more. The next must-try on my list was Pizza Mania in Sukhumvit Soi 23. I’d just realized I hadn’t tried any tomato sauce yet so I selected the dish called Al Pomodoro.

Spaghetti_al_Pomodoro (1)

Pasta noodles choices included Penne, Spaghetti, and Fusilli, and I chose the second one. A large amount of tomato sauce was placed on top, so that we could mix it ourselves. At first I thought it was going to be very simple, but the taste of the sauce has made this dish shine out! It was sour but sweet at the same time.

The tiny tomato cubes were very rich and fresh. Those who don’t like greasy pasta will definitely prefer this one. Another thing I loved about Pizza Mania’s Al Pomodoro was the long yellow noodles which tasted so smooth in my mouth. Though you can easily cook this menu at home, I bet your homemade version will not be as mouthwatering as this dish.

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4 | Scoozi

We’ve come to our last spot for the Pasta Hunt Journey. I arrived at Siam Paragon Department store and stopped at Scoozi, on the fourth floor. The restaurant is known for its best Italian pizza, but actually it also served different types of pasta and other Italian dishes. The signature menu highly recommended here is the Capellini with Blue Crab. Doesn’t sound like a common pasta dish, does it?

Scoozi Capellini Blue Crab Pasta

Thin Capellini is mixed with Blue Crab, and seasoned with black pepper, parmesan, basil and dried chilli, making the dish a bit hot and spicy so I think it is best for adults. While eating it, I sensed a taste of seafood whereas a touch of authentic Italian still strongly remained.

These two different flavors surprisingly went well together, creating Scoozi’s unique taste that I’ve never found in other pasta dishes before. Of course, the highlight ingredient of Capellini with Blue Crab was the blue crab which was very a rich, sweet, succulent and also buttery. Delicately flavored body meat and nutty claw ones filled the dish with such a finger-licking taste!

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The verdict:

This was a very tough decision, I have to say. All the four pasta dishes chosen have their own outstanding characters that made each taste unique and qualified to be the best pasta in Bangkok. L’ Opera’s Spaghetti alla Vongole has the best white wine sauce I’ve ever tried, while the creamy Carbonara sauce of Basilico’s Alla Carbonara made my appetite more than happy, while Pizza Mania’s Al Pomodoro lifted my mood up with its sour and sweet tomato sauce and Scoozi’s Capellini with Blue Crab gave me a new definition of a good pasta.

Well, I’ve decided to choose Basilico’s Alla Carbonara as my pick! The rich cream, crispy beacon, and a perfectly-cooked pasta noodles has set this Carbonara dish apart. It turns the simplicity into something outstanding, and on top of that, it made me want to eat until the last bites without feeling that it was too heavy or cheesy. Go ahead and try these four pasta dishes for yourselves. We’d love to hear which one was you consider the best pasta in Bangkok for you!

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