Top of the Town – Best Sandwich in Bangkok

Top of the Town – Best Sandwich in Bangkok

Where can we find the best sandwich in Bangkok? We agree, making sandwiches is so simple that you need less than 10 minutes to get them done. All you need are slices of bread, your favourite fillings, your preferred sauces, top them all up, and hey presto! You’ve made yourself a quick and easy, but very filling snack. Yes it’s easy to make your own, but let’s admit – it takes more time to make a great sandwich. Some even have secret recipes in their meat and made with secret sauces! But where can we find that good sandwich in Bangkok? We’ve tried the best ones to save you time looking.

1 | Le Lapin

Our first stop was in Lumpini Tower II on Rajdamri Road. I have heard that Le Lapin offers a wide selection of best sandwiches made from its homemade and well-chosen authentic ingredients, so I decided to stop by and try one myself. There’re so many recommended dishes, making it quite tough for me to go with only one among them, but finally I set my heart on Le Lapin’s Greek Chicken Sandwich.

Best Sandwich Bangkok | foodpanda Magazine

The 150 THB 20 cm. size was bigger than I expected, and enough to boost my energy for hours. Filled with roasted chicken breast, soft feta cheese, sliced tomatoes, shredded cucumber, Salanova red oak lettuce, and house recipe Tzatziki Sauce, I started to love it as soon as I took the first bite. For me, what made this sandwich outstanding was Le Lapin’s Tzatziki Sauce, a sauce of Greek origin and this is why this sandwich has been named so. It’s generally made from yogurt, cucumbers, and garlic.

Personally, I have to say that I’m not a fan of cucumbers, but when I tried this sauce with the whole sandwich, I felt that everything went so perfectly together especially with the roasted chicken; soft and slightly seasoned. The white feta cheese did its duty faultlessly in balancing the overall taste. This Greek Chicken Sandwich was just the right start for our sandwich quest.

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2 | Tenderloins Sport & Steak House

Let’s continue to  the next recommended restaurant, the Tenderloins Sport & Steak House, located in Sukhumvit Soi 33, just a 3-minute walk from BTS Phrom Phong station. Known for its specialized steaks and premium imported wines, not many people know that Tenderloins serves great sandwiches as well!

Best Sandwich Bangkok | foodpanda Magazine

I decided to order the 275 THB Reuben Sandwich with no hesitation, since the photo itself had already made my mouth water. It came open-faced and overloaded with pink-brown corned beef, covered with cheese and served with white coleslaw. The toasty brown bread was crispy from the outside and softer inside. Since it was so overwhelmed with fillings, my mouth couldn’t handle it all, so I needed to slice it into smaller bites. I really loved the taste and texture of the grilled bread. When eaten along with the warmed meat and melted cheese on top, it tasted heavenly. I think what set this Tenderloins’ Reuben Sandwich apart from others is the taste and quality of the stuffed beef. It was savoury, slightly salty, and a bit juicy. You’ll get a real meaty taste if you try this sandwich. I highly recommend this dish to all beef-lovers!

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3 | Au Bon Pain

After trying these two sandwiches, I confess I was 90% full but as I’d already spared the rest of the space to try another recommended sandwich, I made my next stop at Siam Paragon Department Store, and went straight to Au Bon Pain. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, this café chain has expanded all over Bangkok city and has become one of the most favourite sandwich restaurants for customers of all ages. I’d visited Au Bon Pain several times for drinks but hadn’t tried signature sandwiches yet. I ordered 175 THB chef’s creation ABP Steak & Swiss Cheese

Best Sandwich Bangkok | foodpanda Magazine

What caught my eye first when the sandwich was placed in front of me was their unique bread shape, which looked different from others I’ve tried. It was the Toasted Braided Soft Roll, came in brown, making the dish look so inviting. Roasted Beef, melted Swiss Cheese, red onions, hot pepper, and Russian Dressing were heavily loaded inside. Cheese lovers (including me, of course) must be totally in love with this menu. Yellow cheese was spread all over and it helped highlight the taste of the roasted beef. I like the Russian Dressing best. It was a perfect combination when absorbed into the sizzling beef. Overall, Au Bon Pain’s ABP Steak & Swiss Cheese was beyond my expectation, nothing much but more than the word ‘delicious’ can define!

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I gave two big thumbs up for Le Lapin’s Greek Chicken Sandwich as well as Au Bon Pain’s ABP Steak & Swiss Cheese, but I’ve decided to pick Tenderloins Sport & Steak House’s Reuben Sandwich as my pick for Bangkok Best Sandwich! Though the price is rather high compared to the rest, the sandwich was worth it. The premium quality beef is the best among all. It’s very well-seasoned and cooked. There’s nothing to ask more for regarding the taste.

Try these three sandwiches for yourself and don’t forget to come back and share with us your experience. We’re eager to find out your own verdicts!

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