Top of the Town – Best Tiramisu in Bangkok

Top of the Town – Best Tiramisu in Bangkok

What instantly pops into your head when asked what your favorite dessert is? As a sweet tooth myself, I can’t think of anything else but the Italians’ favorite, Tiramisu. But where is the best Tiramisu in Bangkok? It’s the rich and elegant sweet dessert that blends in the bittersweet flavor of cocoa powder and espresso plus a touch of refined rum.

Though it seems like Tiramisu can be easily found in several dessert stores and in most Italian restaurants in Bangkok, finding the best Tiramisu in town is not an easy task. foodpanda has wandered around Bangkok, and carefully picked the three best Tiramisu. We’ll take you there and let you decide which one strikes your cravings the most!

Chu Chocolate Bar & Cafe

We arrived at Chu Chocolate Bar & Café at the Exchange Tower, next to BTS Asoke station, late in the morning. This café is truly a heaven for chocolate lovers but they also serve international brunch dishes. I made an order and waited to be served. Few minutes later, this fluffy Italian dessert was placed in front of me, with a circle- shaped chocolate piece cutely written ‘Chu’, carefully placed on top.

Chu Chocolate Bar | foodpanda Magazine

The bittersweet taste of the top layer melted in my mouth. Some might feel that it was too bitter in the first bite, but when eaten with lower layers, the flavor of mascarpone cheese and sweet sugar will help balance the taste. Sponge cake layers were soaked with coffee, giving a pleasant smell and a soft touch on the palate.

What I liked the most about the Tiramisu dish at Chu Chocolate Bar & Café was the sharpness of cocoa powder because it brought the sweetness hidden inside each layer out, and it was a perfect match when adhered to the soft melted mascarpone cheese.

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Dolce & Salato Cafe

We then moved onto Silom area and stopped by at Dolce & Salato Café, an Italian Deli, Pizzeria and Bistro, serving authentic Italian cuisines with finest and freshest ingredients. Tiramisu is one of the highly recommended dishes here so let’s try it!

First, I thought this didn’t look quite like a Tiramisu at all! Where were the coffee soaked sponge layers? Dolce & Salato Café’s homemade Tiramisu differed from other Tiramisu dishes I’ve tried.

Dolce & Salato | foodpanda Magazine

It was full of soft, smooth and creamy cream with a touch of coffee so it made me feel like I was sipping a coffee-flavored whipping cream, not a spongy cake. It was so soft that when it touched my tongue it literally melted in my mouth! The taste of mascarpone cheese was strong and it was well mixed with the soft cream. I have to say that this Tiramisu dish had its own type of flavor that can make anyone addictive to it!


Our last best Tiramisu was waiting for us at the restaurant Limoncello, in Sukhumvit Soi 11. The restaurant is best known for its excellent pizza and pasta dishes but we’re here now to try its fresh homemade Tiramisu, which we heard was a must-try!

The first difference I found when the dish was served was that Tiramisu pieces didn’t come in rectangular shapes but they rather looked like two scoops of ice-cream with cocoa powder on top, plus a tiny white whipped cream on the side. I tried the first bite, and it was indeed so delicious! I could sense the taste of Mascarpone custard layered loaded on the bottom and the bitterness of cocoa – coffee powder made this dish not too sweet.

The layer was so soft that I felt like eating a light pudding. The rich lady finger blended fluently with the sophisticated coffee aroma. Nothing to say much but giving my two thumbs up for Limoncello’s Tiramisu!

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Dolce & Salato | foodpanda Magazine

I fell in love with the chocolate – coffee mixed flavor of Chu Chocolate Bar & Café’s Tiramisu. I wholeheartedly enjoy sipping the Italian Tiramisu coffee cream at Dolce & Salato Café. But overall, I’ve chosen Limoncello’s Tiramisu as my new favorite! The simple reason for that was because the taste was just right, not too much cocoa or coffee, and the bittersweet taste was at a moderate level. In short, everything loaded in it was the perfect combination.

Now, it’s your turn to try! Which Tiramisu tasted the best for you? Tell us what you think!

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