Paddington bear movie review and giveaway

Paddington bear movie review and giveaway

What goes best with food? A good movie, of course! This week we’ll review one of the most-loved fictional characters by kids, Paddington.

Paddington is a young bear who comes all the way from Peru to London to find his home. Unfortunately, the poor little bear is lost and alone at a train station. Luckily, he meets the Browns who let him stay temporarily before he goes to seek out his family, while he escapes from a taxidermist who wants to stuff him and add him to his collection.

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Paddington Bear at Paddington Station by Michael Bond

Paddington is a comedy which people of all ages, not just kids, can enjoy. His charming character brings smiles and laughter throughout the movie. Moreover, the movie’s story wisely illustrates the discrimination between the different social classes and the display of ridicule by the urbanites to the villagers.

The movie depicts arrogant Londoners instead of the stereotypical “British Gentlemen”. With the sarcastic dark comedy style, the movie presents serious social issues in a fun and casual fashion. Perhaps, it is true that the rapid civilization modified people and alter their gentle nature.

In conclusion, Paddington is guaranteed to be a fun movie for the whole family to watch. It has both comedic and meaningful interpretations. The movie will lift your mood and you will want your own Paddington at home.

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Paddington Movie | foodpanda Magazine

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Good luck! Have a blast watching Paddington, and your favorite movies and TV shows from Primetime!

Paddington Bear at Paddington Station by Michael Bond. The bear was sold at live auction on 10th December 2014 by Christies for £26,000, with proceeds donated to the NSPCC, Chidline and Action Medical Research.

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  1. Ellie Smith

    I don’t watch a lot of movies with my family but I did watch a lot with only my sister. Our favorite are probably any Garfield movies. The orange cat is so funny and adorable. It’s a sort of movie that people who love Paddington will love too. After series of Garfield, my sister becomes a cat person. Me, in the other hand, starts to see their dark sides.

    1. Team foodpanda

      Hi Thomas! Thank you for sending in your entry! Please remember to use your Facebook name as your username so we can notify you via Facebook, should you win. Also, you will need to share this post in your wall, with the hashtag #foodpandaprimetime. Thank you and goodluck!

  2. Zai Ziwan

    Well, the best movies I watched with my family was Home alone … why is it the best one ? because, just a month ago, I saw this movie accidentally and it remind me that I’ve ever watched it with my mom, sis and bro, now we are living in faraway province, so, we hadn’t watched movies together for long time. Home alone(in New York) is very popular when I was little. The story is about a smart kid who get lost with his parent and have to escape and survive from bad men. At the end, the kid meets his mom in front of a chrismas tree, that screen is still in my memory. This is why i like this movie it make me think of my family and i feel warm inside.

    1. Team foodpanda

      Congratulations Ms. Zai Ziwan, you are our winner #1! Please check your Facebook inbox, we have reached out to you. Hope you enjoy your prize from foodpanda and Primetime!

  3. Mark Pubate

    Hi, my facebook name is Mark Pubate and our all time favourite family genre movie is the very first prequel of ‘Jurassic Park’ (1993).My little brother and I and sometimes our parents have watched the movie more than 300 times (earnestly) I think.I have also finished the paperback edition written by Michael Crichton once including the audiobook version that I legally downloaded from Audible.(I’m a hell of a fan)

    I’ll expound why…
    – There were numerous scenes and dialogs in the movie that countlessly moved our family mentally.I perceive John Hammond as a visionary, a visionary likes Steve Jobs or Walt Disney, etc.He did things solely for his inner voice echoed from the bottom of his belly as he sees the foreseeable outcome, not for the money as he said the legendary phrase ‘The park is for everyone to enjoy, not for only superrich.’ or Ian Malcolm’s ‘Life will find the way.’
    – The fundamental of remaking dinosaur from a prick of an extracted DNA from a prehistoric midge is scientifically plausible due to my (Mark Pubate) thorough research since I’m a science fiction maniac.
    – The movie could have been another dismal dinosaur film without John William’s signature scores, let me cut to the chase, I’m perpetually mesmerised by its renowned theme.

    My little Trivia
    – Did you know that Ian Malcolm died at the end of the first book but the author brazenly brought him back to life in order to write the sequel called ‘The Lost World’
    Due to my estimation, the paperback edition has fivefold more dinosaur types compared to the movie, the secret was the studio couldn’t effort to wait for lengthy and abrasive rendering interim required for all the dinosaurs due to their scant graphic horsepower at the time, subsequently, the studio had to ditch some species.
    Did you know that according to latter half of the paperback edition of ‘The Lost World’.The author recanted his erroneous assumption that T-Rex could see only moving things after scientists said his notion was inaccurate, on the contrary, the T-Rex could see things just fine whether it’s a moving object or non-moving object.

    Lastly, I’d like to ascribe the aforementioned to the deceased venerable author.

    1. Team foodpanda

      Congratulations Mr. Mark Pubate, you are our winner #2! Please check your Facebook inbox, we have reached out to you. Hope you enjoy your prize from foodpanda and Primetime!

  4. Witoon Lai

    I watched movie and series with my daugthers. We love series “Supernatural”. It’s excited, attractive. We watched it only short time but many times. So it would’n disrupt my work and my daughters’ home work. And we looked forward to watch it together in our living room. Spending our time together made us happy and close up.
    Don’t forget to connect me. My facebook name “Witoon Lai”

  5. Namp Chan

    Jurasic Park….I’m just going to say “Dinosaurs+The Digital Special Effects Revolution+A couple decades worth of fresh Dinosaur science” and leave it at that. And note that the new movie is already an abject failure for not including the last couple of decades of science.

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